Served only at 17.00, 17.15 & 17.30

Snacks & appetizers followed by a 4 course menu that is composed daily.


The menu is designed to be finished by 19.00

550 dkk


From 21. April 2021

We kindly recommend our guests to order the same menu.

Served from 17.30

With the aperitif / Til aperitiffen

Moon snack / Sweet & sour fermented pineapple / Soya merengue with cashew / Miang kam / Chicken satay / Chiang mai sausage / Green curry ice cream / pad krapow squid

Månesnack / Fermenteret sur-sød ananas / Soya marengs med cashew / Miang kam / Kylling satay / Chiang mai pølse / Grøn karryis / blæksprutte stirfry


In the restaurant / I restauranten


Tom Yam soup based on lobster & galangal - locally grown oyster mushrooms tempura / Tom Yam suppe baseret på hummer & galanga- lokale østershatte tempura

Grüner Veltliner, Kamptal / Lemon iced tea with thyme

Frozen tom ka with winter asparagus scallops lemongrass & lime leaves / Frossen tom ka med vinterasparges kammuslinger citrongræs & limeblade

Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, California /  Coconut milkshake


Spicy salad with prime beef mint & cucumber-refreshing lovage slurp / Spicy salat med oksefilet mynte & agurk/kølig løvstikke slurp

Riesling Feinherb, Mosel, Germany / Fresh apple juice


Salted cod as relish with kumquats fried codfish roe tamarind & oranges from Kiin Kiin farm in Andalusia / Saltet torsk som relish med kumquats & stegt torske rogn med tamarin & appelsiner fra Kiin Kiin farmen i Andalusien

Saumur, Loire Valley / Passionfruit & Oolong


Braised pork with five spiced shiitake consomme - puffed cracklings / braisseret gris med fivespice shiitaki consomme - puffede flæskesvær

Cote de Brouilly, Beaujolais  / Kombucha

Jerusalem artichokes with veal & massaman/jordskokker med kalv & massaman

Monastrell, Empordà, Catalonia / Fresh grape juice


Lemon foam with thai basil / citronskum med thai basilikum

Mango sticky rice / mango med klisterris

Noble rot riesling, McLaren Vale, South Australia / Elderflower & Jasmin 


8-retters Kiin Kiin Tasting Menu 1150

7-glas tilbehørende vinmenu 950

7-glas tilbehørende juicemenu 550


The Extravagants/De ekstravagante (optional / tilvalg)

Frozen red curry with lobster & avacado +145 with wine 245  with juice 185

Frossen rød karry med hummer & avacado+145 med vin 245 med juice 185

Seared foie gras with plum wine & ginger +155 with wine 255 with juice 195 

Stegt foie gras med blommevin & ingefær +155 med vin 255 med juice 195


Petit four served with our coffee or tea 75/145

Chili Russian roulette

Cinnamon sticks

Sticks & Stones

oysters & pearls

stars & anise


We are happy to prepare a vegetable-based menu but please be aware that there might be traces of fish sauce and shrimp paste in our menu.

For 100% vegetarian or vegan We highly recommend our vegetarian restaurant Veve

click here to read about it

Food allergy: Please inform us in the comment field when making reservation. Normally we can adjust our menu for you. If not possible you will hear from us.


Our wine list offer a broad selection of wines 800 + bottles to choose from. Our main focus is the Riesling grape with a deep selection from Alsace Germany & Austria.