Nytårsaften (New Year's Eve)    

Reservation is possible only at 18.00. Restaurant is closed at 23.00.

Vi require your pre-payment. Please submit your payment via our gift card portal HERE.

With the Appetizer


Moon snacks- Crystal with yellow crab- Soya marengs wasabi - Street Smoke - Miang Kam -

Crispy chicken skin with peanut – Oyster with caviar.

  A glass of Champagne

In the Restaurant

Tom Yam

Spicy soup served with dumplings and  crispy prawn crackers

Grüner Veltliner

New Year's cod Thai style

Ceviche of cod with coriander salt baked beet root and mustard leaf



Frozen red curry with lobster lychee and lime leaf



Tom Ka coconut soup with foie gras and lemon grass pickled mushrooms and black truffles 

Pinot noir


Beef with oyster sauce and Thai ginger 


Foamy of kumquats and passion fruits


Coffee/tea with petit four - cognac/liquer

2.500DKK per person

Vegetarian New Year's Eve menu: Click here


GODT NYTÅR 2021/22!!!!